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Statement of Impartiality





The National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA) commits to managing and safeguarding impartiality to give assurance that all activities are carried out objectively.

NCRA’s policies and procedures for the quality management system are designed and developed to ensure a fair and consistent approach in the outcome of all inspections and related activities.

The management and staff of the NCRA is dedicated to ensuring impartiality as stated in our Code of Ethics and does not permit commercial, financial or other undue pressures to compromise its commitment to impartiality.

Competence Monitoring also ensures that the highest standard of integrity is applied to all our activities in accordance with:

  1. Standards Act and attendant regulations
  2. Processed Food Act and attendant regulations
  3. Weights and Measures Act and attendant regulations
  4. Petroleum Quality Control Act
  5. Customs Act
  6. Trade Orders
  7.  Standard Specifications and
  8. Other applicable legislations

The NCRA acts impartially in relation to governance, personnel, clients, contractors and regulatory authorities to eliminate and/or minimize the risks to objectivity.

The NCRA through our Risk Management Framework continuously identifies and assesses risks to impartiality and implements control measures.

Any concerns of risks to impartiality identified will be thoroughly dealt with by our internal processes and reviewed by the Impartiality Committee, an independent body representing our key interests.