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Food Safety Inspectorate

Food safety is a major priority for the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA). The NCRA's Food Safety Inspectorate continuously inspects and monitors ALL pre-packaged food establishments in Jamaica.

In carrying out its key inspection and monitoring functions, the Inspectors of the Food Safety Inspectorate are engaged in verification of food labels, sampling of food products, examination of food products, analysis of food products’ test reports and the approval of conforming food products.

Our Inspectors also serve on technical committees to develop food and labelling of food regulations/standards; and are resources for start-up food processors and entrepreneurs in understanding established food and Food Label Regulations and/or Standards Specification for the domestic marketplace.

Working behind the scenes, our highly trained Inspectors have an exceptional eye for food safety parameters. They spot errors and deficiencies and enforce the regulations/standards to protect the health and safety of consumers.

Occasionally, Inspectors of the Food Safety Inspectorate accompany Inspectors of the US Food and Drug Administration to conduct inspections of Jamaican agro-processors and food exporters who must meet stringent requirements to access global export markets.