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Prescribed Foods

Products listed under The Processed Food (Grades and Standards) Regulation, 1964

Prescribed food means any food that is manufactured or processed for export or for sale and for which grades or standards have been prescribed under section 13. (The Processed Food Act, 1959)

The following products are considered “prescribed foods”:

(3) Canned Mango

(4) Mango with Rum

(7) Canned Pineapple

(9) Tomatoes in Skins

(10) Canned Tomatoes

(12) Tomato Juice Cocktail

(14) Canned Yam

(20) Guava Cups

(21) Guava Halves

(28) Pickled Cucumbers

(29) Susumber

30) Meat Product (General)

- Cured meat

- Canned meat

- Sausages

-  Frankfurter or Wiener and Bologna Sausages

- Fresh Sausage

(31) Canned Soups

- Meat soup

- Vegetable soup or mixed vegetable soup

(32) Frozen Foods

(33) Frozen Rice and Peas

(34) Frozen Stew Peas

(35) Frozen Chicken (Maryland Style)

(36) Frozen Boiled Rice

(37) Frozen Beef Balls

(38) Frozen Ackee and Saltfish

(39) Frozen Fried Plantain

(40) Frozen Mackerel and Banana

(41) Frozen Curried Mutton

(42) Frozen Sweet Potato Mix

(43) Frozen Stewed Beef

(44) Frozen Macaroni and Mince

(45) Frozen Oxtail In Wine


Application for Certificate of Approval

Processed Food (Grades & Standards) Regulations Amendment 2018

Regulations under the Processed Food Act