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Import and Domestic Commodities Inspectorate

The Inspectors of the Import and Domestic Inspectorate work at all the major ports of entry in Kingston and Montego Bay and throughout retail outlets within the domestic space in Jamaica. They conduct 'cites' and warehouse inspections at retail and wholesale establishments to ensure compliance with over 135 compulsory product standards and labelling regulations.

Import Monitoring

NCRA Inspectors have established operations at ports of entry in Kingston covering the Container Stripping Station at Berths 5-7 and 11, where a fast-track one-stop-shop facility of all Government regulatory agencies have been established. NCRA’s scope of regulatory operations also extends to Cold Storages, Bonded Warehouses and the Norman Manley International Airport.

In Montego Bay, port of entry inspections are conducted at Seaboard Freight (Container Stripping Station), Port Handlers (Wharf), Sangster’s International Airport and Airport Cargo.

Products inspected at the Ports of entry that are not in compliance are detained and usually released into domestic detention within 24 hours. Consignments that are released from the ports are detained in the importer's warehouse pending test results and rehabilitation. In high risk cases items may be denied entry or destroyed.

Importers designated as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) for consistently satisfying customs risk assessment for the payment of fees and duties, though exempted from inspections at the ports, must be inspected by the NCRA’s Inspectors.

Domestic Market

Inspectors monitor retail establishments island-wide to protect the domestic market from products that do not comply with compulsory product standards and labelling regulations.

Non-compliant products are withdrawn from sale, and either rehabilitated or condemned.  

The NCRA Compliance Inspectorate conducts targeted inspection and monitoring work through five product categories:  

  • Appliance Unit - electrical appliances, electrical devices, LPG stoves, LPG cylinders

  • Construction Material Unit - hardware, depots, aggregates, alu-zinc coils, blocks, cement, ready-mix concrete

  • Non-Metallic Monitoring Unit - Footwear, paint, plastics, textiles, toys

  • Pre-packaged Goods Unit - Domestic Market & Port Monitoring Food, Laundry Detergent, Household Chemicals, Household items

  • Tyre Inspection Unit - new tyres, used tyres