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Energy Efficiency Labelling Programme


The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) enacted the Energy Conservation Policy in 2013 so as to realize the benefits of energy efficiency, through reduced energy consumption. The Policy provides the legal framework, institutional arrangement and regulatory mechanism to embark upon an energy efficiency drive in the country. Against this background the GOJ, has introduced a Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Program in the country. The program currently covers the following products, refrigerators, wine chillers and  room air conditions, intended for household use. This means that manufacturers, importers, retailers and distributors with intention of selling any products under the program in Jamaica will now be required to have each model unit registered and tested, prior to sale on the local market. The units will subsequently be affixed with the corresponding energy efficiency label.


The main objective of the program is to promote energy efficient appliances thus influencing consumers’ purchase decisions for household appliances.


The program currently covers the following products: refrigerators, freezers, wine chillers and room air condition units, intended for household use.


All importers of household refrigerators, wine chillers and room air condition units who intend to sell in the domestic market.

To register for the programme, you can start by completing the Energy Efficiency Labelling Programme Declaration Form.