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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is appointed by the portfolio Minister and is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the Authority. The Board of Directors tenure is for a period if two years, effective December 18, 2023, to December 17 2025.


  • Ms. Stephanie Sterling – Chairperson

  • Ms. Kathryn Silvera – Deputy Chairperson

  • Ms. Chantay Campbell

  • Ms. Carolyn Chuck

  • Mr. Richard Coe

  • Mr. Marc Frankson

  • Dr. Velton Gooden

  • Mr. Dwayne Haynes

  • Prof. Marcia Roye

  • Mr. Vivion Scully

  • Mrs. Cheryl Martin Tracey

  • Mr. Colin Virgo

  • Dr. Lorice Edwards Brown - CEO/Ex Officio


The NCRA’s CEO manages the day to day operations of the Authority comprising proactive teams of Inspectors and support staff, who keep their ‘ears close to the ground’ in trade and industry activities, to ensure that you meet the quality test in your operations through continuous improvement.