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Advisory Board


The Advisory Board is appointed by the portfolio Minister. This Board comprises of a Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and 5 other members drawn from academia, legal, and the private sector providing the strategic leadership for the Authority.

Dr. Derrick McKoy, PH.D,  C.D., J.P. - Chairman

Prof. Marcia Roye

Mrs. Fay Sylvester, C.D.

Mrs. Sandra McLeish

Ms. Michelle Parkins

Mr. Vincent Wellesley

Mrs. Lorice Edwards Brown - CEO

The NCRA’s CEO manages the day to day operations of the Authority comprising proactive teams of Inspectors and support staff, who keep their ‘ears close to the ground’ in trade and industry activities, to ensure that you meet the quality test in your operations through continuous improvement.Mrs. Lorice Edwards Brown - CEO